19 mai 2009

La quête pour Gollum

Le nouveau fan film The Hunt for Gollum (dont j'ai déjà parlé ici) connaît des débuts spectaculaires:

A Lord of the Rings-themed fan-produced film called The Hunt for Gollum premiered online on Sunday, and within 24 hours it had had about 250,000 views, with nearly all fan comments on the Web site giving the film a thumbs-up.

The premiere was so successful that it brought down the film's Web servers for a few hours. Director and executive producer Chris Bouchard, speaking exclusively to SCI FI Wire by telephone from England, explains, "The Web server got completely overwhelmed by all the traffic. We got it back online quite late that night. I think everybody saw the release and went on at the same time. It was the number of requests it couldn't handle. It's quite cool! We had no idea how many people would watch it."

Bouchard adapted the script from an incident mentioned in J.R.R. Tolkien's original Rings trilogy. "All the story is in the appendices, and it's referred to by Gandalf during the first book," he said. "That's a very basic structure of the story, which says Aragorn went to look for Gollum, and he found him, so we filled in the detail."

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