10 septembre 2014

Dreadnoughtus schrani

Quelques détails à propos du plus gros animal terrestre connu à ce jour:

Dreadnoughtus – the herbivorous, titanosaurian sauropod described by University of Drexel paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara and his team in the latest issue of Scientific Reports – is estimated to have been 85 feet long. Its tail accounted for roughly 30 of those feet. Its neck, the individual vertebrae of which measure more than three feet across, stretched 37 feet in length. 

(...) Measurements taken from one of Dreadnoughtus' femurs, which stands over six feet tall, have led Lacovara and his team to estimate that the dinosaur, which lived approximately 77 million years ago, weighed about 65 tons in life, making it far and away the largest land animal for which a body mass can be accurately calculated (the previous record holder, another Patagonian titanosaur named Elaltitan, had a calculable weight of 47 tons.) No two ways about it – Dreadnoughtus was, to quote Lacovara, "astoundingly huge."

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