28 octobre 2014

"Comment castrer ton homme"

Voici un autre bouquin pour votre bibliothèque, chères féministes!

Extrait du commentaire de Marshall Rottman qui répond aux gens qui affirment que ceci n'est qu'une satire humoristique:

It's not talking about physical castration, just castrating behavior. And it's explicitly telling women what they have to do in order to break a guy's spirit and put him under your thumb. the exact same behavior you've seen manipulative women inflict on men in order to make sure they behave in a way which benefits them most.

Instead of posing the question to me, that this might be satire - you explain to me under what guiding pretense could it possible be presumed to -be- satire?

But oh what the hell - lets put it to the test. Gender reverse time. Imagine a book entitled "How to rape your woman in 7 simple steps and get away with it." And it describes -IN DETAL- all the worst and most manipulative behaviors used by men who inflict Stockholm system on women through constant intimidating, derision and isolation.

Would that be satire? I don't think it would be. I think it would be vile and revolting. So what do you think my opinion of this little number is?"

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