4 novembre 2014

Le Zodiac démasqué?

L'un des tueurs en série les plus célèbres de l'histoire enfin démasqué? C'est possible:

With everything I know about the case, I believe the Zodiac is Richard Gaikowski. He was a San Francisco artist. There are a million and one things that point to him, but the most damning bit of information is simply the way the original three-part code [mailed in separate segments by the killer in 1969] was solved.

You can see Gaikowski's nickname, G-Y-K-E. When the cipher is solved using a key, it turns out that GYKE is actually the last four letters of the word "because," in the phrase "I will not give you my name because you will try to stop me from killing." All three syllables of his name are given [across the three ciphers], but the GYKE portion was only included with the letter in which Zodiac wrote "In this code is my identity."

It sounds complicated, but I have visuals on the site that explain it. It's really stunning, and the odds of that being random, with all the other coincidences about Gaikowski ... I just think the odds are against it.

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