13 décembre 2014

Chrétiens fanatiques qui laissent mourir leurs enfants

Les religions ne méritent aucun des privilèges que leur confèrent nos gouvernements. Aux États-Unis, on voit un exemple extrême. Dans certains états, il est permis de tuer des enfants pour des motifs religieux! Extrait de l'abominable nouvelle:

Despite the deaths of least 12 children from “faith healing” Christian families in their state, lawmakers and public officials in Idaho have refused to challenge a state law providing a religious exemption from manslaughter and murder charges, Vocativ reported.

The childrens’ families belonged to a Pentecostal group known as the Followers of Christ, which punishes members who seek medical care by shunning them from their church. According to state law, parents can substitute prayer as a form of treatment. The religious exemption covers manslaughter, capital murder and negligent homicide charges, but cannot be cited if a parent uses any other form of treatment on top of praying for the child.

“If the parent combines prayer with orange juice or a cool bath to bring down a fever, the parent loses the exemption,” Rita Swan, co-founder of the advocacy group Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, said.

According to Swan’s organization, Idaho is one of 32 states that have religious exemptions to felony or misdemeanor charges involving children.

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