23 décembre 2014

Exorcismes en Oklahoma

Vous voulez voir de quoi ça a l'air quand les médias s'écrasent complètement aux pieds de la religion et qu'ils perdent tout leur sens critique?

Allez voir ça:

The bible is clear.  “The devil prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

We see it everywhere, everyday.

Pastor Kelly Tiger believes the devil came calling to his Watonga, Oklahoma church recently.

“There was a snakeskin wrapped around this pulpit. Our pulpit bible was stabbed with a knife. You can see the holes. On this wall beneath the picture they had wrote God hates us. With the graffiti and what was done, someone had to know something about devil worshipping.”

Pastor Everett Cox is a professional demonic “exterminator”.

Through Deliverance Ministries, he has devoted his life to casting out evil spirits.

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