28 février 2015

La route hors d'Afrique

Quel chemin nos ancêtres empruntèrent-ils pour quitter l'Afrique? Leurs outils racontent une histoire étonnante:

Early Homo sapiens, known from fossils found at Omo and Herto in Ethiopia, began making stone tools in the Nile Valley of Egypt some 150,000 years ago. Previous studies have traced their path out of Africa through Sinai to the Levant. New research reveals a second, more southerly route through Arabia, where modern human populations lingered for some 50,000 years before migrating north to the Levant. There they interbred with Neanderthals—and perhaps borrowed some of their tool-making techniques.

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Prof Solitaire a dit...

Hahahaha, j'adore... avoue que l'expansion hors d'Afrique est maintenant vue comme la plus grande épopée mais que pour les ancêtres, c'était clairement un truc complètement anodin et chiant! ;-)