2 février 2015

Migrations de nos grands-pères

Répartition géographique des Y-haplogroupes dans le monde:

Et, plus spécifiquement, en Europe:

Extrait de l'article:

On a related note, it's important to note that not all of these haplogroups are created equal. For example, Haplogroup A is an ancestor to all the other haplogroups on this map and so actually has more genetic diversity within itself than pretty much the rest combined. It and Haplogroup B are only found (natively) in Africa. Haplogroup Q, R, N, and O on the other hand are all relatively young and exhibit comparatively little genetic diversity. Everything else is somewhere in-between.

An additional item which occurred to me is that the map illustrates quite well how genetics and public perceptions of race do not necessarily match up. For example, Haplogroup E is most commonly found in Africa... but it is also the dominant haplogroup in Greece (and Greeks are usually perceived as "white"). Likewise, while Haplogroup R is most commonly associated with Europeans, it nonetheless has a significant presence in West and Central Africa, where it is found among some speakers of the Chadic or Berber branches of Afro-Asiatic languages (such as the Hausa or Taureg) as well as some other groups like the Fulani.

La carte de l'Europe provient d'ici.

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