21 mars 2015

La pédophilie n'est pas un phénomène exclusivement masculin

Vous croyez que seuls les hommes peuvent être pédophiles?

Cette fascinante entrevue avec Mme Michele Elliott à propos des femmes pédophiles vous ouvrira les yeux.

"When I brought up the issue that women could sexually abuse children, I was vilified. I was cast out of the sisterhood, I was no longer a good feminist. Because sexual abuse had to be under the guise of male power. And if I had a significant number of women who were secually abusing children, and I knew about these women, then that messed up the male power thing. And surely if women were going to abuse children, then they had to be doing it under the thumb of a man, a man had to be telling them to do it."

"In over 75% of the cases, women acted completely alone. Most times, there wasn't even a man in the premises."

"It's interesting about us as women, we're quite willing to accept that we are a superior breed and that we do everything right. But quite unwilling to accept that we can so something quite as horrible as this."

"Women who sexually abuse kids, if you look in the media, have "affairs" with them, they "seduce" them, the victims if they're boys are always described as older than their age, they look bigger. The woman who ran off (...) two years ago to Florida  with a 14-year old boy. She was his teacher, she was 30-something. This was described as "an affair". (...) If that had been a 31 year old man who'd run off with a 12 or 14 year old girl, would we have described it as "an affair"? No, I don't think so. We excuse women. We don't want to believe it."

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Prof Solitaire a dit...

Une femme accusée d'agression? On refuse de le croire.

Un homme accusé d'agression? On refuse de lui accorder le bénéfice du doute: