23 mars 2015

"These bloody French Canadians!"

Voici une bonne dose de mépris royal pour bien commencer votre journée! Extrait de l'article du Mail:

A vitriolic letter written by the future King Edward VIII in which he branded the French Canadians 'rotten' and 'the completest passengers' during a tour of the country has emerged 96 years later. 

The Prince of Wales - the eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary - could not hide his resentment towards the French Canadians in the private letter he penned on a visit to Quebec. 

In the letter written a few months after World War One to his mistress Freda Dudley Ward, the 25-year-old Edward expresses his disgust at their reluctance to support the British Empire. 

In the recently unearthed letter, he says: ''These bloody French Canadians. 'The whole thing is a very delicate, imperial and political question which I don't attempt to understand though I do know they are mostly a rotten priest-ridden community, who are the completest passengers and who won't do their bit in anything and of course the war!!'

After catching a train for Toronto he wrote of how he was relieved to be leaving the French Canadians. 

He added: 'They really aren't worth all the trouble I've taken to be out of the way polite to them, as they are shirkers in everything particularly in war as they all voted against conscription.'

(...) Later on in the letter to the married socialite, the Prince of Wales derided the attractiveness of the local women. 

He described one of his hostesses as 'pompous and interfering'. Detailing a formal dinner he had attended, he quipped: 'Few of the women are worth dancing with and far less are in any way attractive.' 

At another party at a yacht club, he complained how there were '100 very plain women' there. 

The six-page letter was written by the future King to married mother-of-two Mrs Dudley Ward, years before he gave up the throne in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Then 23, the socialite was married to Liberal MP William Dudley Ward, who apparently turned a blind eye to the affair.

God save the king tabarnak!

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Guillaume a dit...

Son frère n'était pas beaucoup moins sympathisant Nazi, comme l'a montré the Hitch:


Prof Solitaire a dit...

Wow, fascinant, je l'ignorais! Merci! :-)