23 mars 2015

Une journée "sans garçons"

Quelle est la meilleure façon d'intéresser les petites filles aux maths et aux sciences?

Ben, en se débarrassant des petits garçons, pardi! C'est parfaitement logique, pas vrai?

Extrait de la ridicule nouvelle:

“I’m glad to have a day without boys.”

A new school day exclusively for girls at Seattle University aims to keep boys out of the classroom and teach girls science and math on Saturdays. The Expanding Your Horizons Program is putting together 500 middle-school age girls in order to teach them lessons without the nuisance of the male gender.

The program’s organizer and chemistry professor at Seattle University Jen Sorensen said: “We’re not trying to exclude boys. We’re trying to provide an opportunity for girls who might not even realize these career opportunities are available to them.”

That’s important of course, since boys spend a majority of time at school attempting to keep girls from knowing there are science and technology courses. Indeed, if there were no boys, girls might finally know they have options to take certain classes, which, for the moment, the patriarchy is hiding from them.

“I think there’s no boys so it can teach girls no matter what gender you are, you can still be what you want to be,” said Josie, a 6th grader. “You can be smart.”

“I’m glad to have a day without boys,” said an 8th grader.

Si ceci ne vous dégoûte pas complètement, j'ai une mauvaise nouvelle pour vous: vous êtes peut-être atteint de féminisme. Consultez un psychiatre au plus vite.

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