7 avril 2015

Questions féministes

La meilleure solution à un conflit, c'est le dialogue. C'est bien connu.

Et ce serait certainement vrai dans le cas de l'éternel conflit social hommes/femmes qui est alimenté par l'idéologie féministe. Si seulement elles prenaient la peine d'écouter, les féministes se rendraient compte que les femmes ne sont pas les seules qui rencontrent des obstacles dans la vie et que tout ne s'explique pas nécessairement avec l'éternel concept de la misogynie patriarcale!

Si elles prenaient le temps d'écouter...

Voici 20 questions féministes répondues par des hommes et qui démontrent bien que cette idéologie est fondée largement sur de fausses présomptions d'inégalité et de persécution. Je reproduis mes préférées ci-dessous:

Absolutely. As an activist and journalist, there’s almost nothing that I say publicly that isn’t called into question, dismissed, scrutinized, analyzed, and gone through with a fine tooth comb. Of course, that’s part of the job. (...) As an up-and-coming journalist, I have to be accurate, and at least appear to be humble, or face punishment from people over it. And every time I make a pointed observation about news or politics, or when I make a media appearance, someone, somewhere is going to call me an attention whore. But I don’t mind because I have a thick skin. If you don’t, and these types of things bother you, you’re in the wrong business.

Absolutely. The first thing that’s called into question when you have a disagreement with someone is that you must have some deeper sexual conflict. Or you’re just a faggot. How about that ladies? Do you know what it’s like to have your sexuality called into question with every single statement you make? So, yes we face the fact that people who see our rage believe that we must not be getting f**ked enough, or that we must be angry because we’re secretly a homosexual. Of course, what’s wrong with being gay? I don’t know, but that criticism comes equally from both men and women.

No, because it’s expected that we men will sacrifice everything for our work life. We’re expected to work long hours, and to leave our baggage at the door. We’re never going to get to make the excuse that we’re late coming back from lunch because we had to take a spin class. If we have children, we’re expected to work hard enough to earn enough to pay for child care. That’s just how it is. And we don’t whine about it (...)

No, but don’t forget we live in a society where men have absolutely zero right to genital integrity. Females on the other hand have laws that protect them from genital mutilation. Boys have no right to decide whether or not they wish to be circumcised. And this isn’t an argument about whether it’s right or wrong (it’s wrong), but just think about all the single mothers out there who get to decide what happens to their little boy’s genitals? Is that not the same thing?

Abso-freaking-lutely. In the media and journalism field, it’s sure as hell not a meritocracy. Ladies, if you’re gorgeous, you don’t need to be all that talented to get a job in reporting. You just have to be able to read off the teleprompter, look great in a tight dress, and you’re booked. For us chubby white dudes, no one wants to see us on TV. We’ve got to be smarter, more educated, have all of our hair, and be willing to claw our way to the top.

Are you serious? Has my body ever been compared to a wallet? That’s all we are. A wallet. Maybe I’m missing something here because I can’t imagine that anyone would seriously wonder whether men are ever compared to open wallets.

Well, I don’t identify with fantasy characters that much because I’m not 12 years old. I do play video games, and I do enjoy RPG’s. I’ll try not to be condescending to the intelligence of someone who seriously compares themselves to Hobbits, Twileks, Elves, He-Men and mutants. Still, let me just say that if you think that men don’t have to deal with peer pressure to be huge, hulking Wolverines, then please do spend some time playing male characters in these games. I promise you that we dudes (when we’re 12) do struggle to identify with being a monstrous Orc barbarian.

I guess, but again this betrays the psychological condition of the questioner. Why do you care what people think about the shows you watch? Are you so desperate for approval about something so trivial that it keeps you up at night? Are we really supposed to take you seriously when you display all the emotional maturity of a juvenile? Grow up and stop seeking other’s approval for your entertainment choices.

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