24 mai 2015

La haine des féministes

Les propos des féministes seraient jugés haineux et inacceptables s'ils étaient dirigés envers n'importe quel autre groupe que les hommes.

Afin d'en faire la démonstration, Janet Bloomfield a eu la brillante idée de prendre des propos écrits par des féministes et de changer "hommes" par "Juifs" et "femmes" par "Gentils". Elle n'a rien changé d'autre, ce sont exactement ce qu'ont écrit des auteures et chroniqueuses féministes très connues, lues, célébrées et réputées.

Et ça marche, la haine devient complètement aveuglante, voyez par vous-mêmes:

1. Gentiles don’t hate Jews. But it wouldn’t matter if we did.

It’s okay to hate all Jews because some of them have power. Jessica Valenti 

2. If I Admit That ‘Hating Jews’ Is a Thing, Will You Stop Turning It Into a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

It’s okay to hate Jews because they’re asking for it, by being Jewish. Lindy West

3. The End of Jews

Modern society is better suited to gentiles and Jews are irrelevant. Hanna Rosin

4. Jew’s Abortion Regret Stories Are More About Controlling Gentiles

When Jews suffer grief at the loss of a child through abortion, all they really care about is making gentiles feel guilty and trying to control them. Amanda Marcotte

5. Jews (Wrongly) Think They’re Smarter Than They Are

Jews don’t openly brag about their intelligence, therefore they probably aren’t intelligent. Dodai Stewart

6. Good Jews Don’t Let Gentiles Get Raped. So Why Aren’t You Jews Doing Enough?

Jews should police other Jews to make sure no gentiles are injured by Jews. If a Jew gets hurt doing that, well so what? They’re just Jews. Jessica Valenti

7. No Matter What the Gentile Said, We Should Generally Believe Rape Claims

When Jews are accused of rape, the facts do not matter. If a gentile accuses a Jew of rape, we should believe that to be true because in general, gentiles do not lie about being raped by Jews. Zerlina Maxwell

8. You Don’t Need to be a Gentile to Help Stop Rape. You Can Even be a Jew!

This one is so important, Jessica Valenti wrote about it twice. Jews need to police other Jews and protect gentiles at all costs.

9. Gentiles Should Speak First in Class. Really, do Jews Have to Speak at All?

Okay, this was not a headline, but rather a panel discussion hosted by a Canadian professor. The sentiment remains very feminist, and very hateful, were it lodged against any other group.

10. Why Are Some Jews So Angry?

Yeah, yeah, the whole Holocaust thing. We get it, Jews, but could you please go and be angry somewhere else? Jessica Valenti

11. Jews, You Can’t Buy Sex With Chores

Jews should do chores because gentiles tell them to, and not because they expect some sort of recognition or reward. Amanda Marcotte

12. Fuck you, Jews!

Jews who want to talk about anti-Semitism and how it affects them are only permitted to do so through the lens of gentile interests and must always consider first and foremost how anti-Semitism affects gentiles or they can go fuck themselves. Kate Harding

13. Gentiles Shouldn’t Need Special Train Cars to Avoid Jews. Jews Need to Leave Gentiles in Peace

Social standards that require Jews to approach gentiles must be reinforced so that Jews understand only some of them are permitted to approach. Rich, handsome Jews are free to approach gentiles. Other Jews are not. Jessica Valenti

14. Teen Jews Should Explain to Teen Gentiles What They Find Attractive

Some gentiles have poor body image and it is up to Jews to tell gentiles it’s okay if they are unattractive so the gentiles will be able to feel good about themselves under all circumstances. What Jews actually find attractive is not relevant. Kelly Faircloth.

15. Fuck, Marry, Kill

A light-hearted column at Jezebel, in which gentiles are asked to imagine which Jew they would fuck, which Jew they would marry, and which Jew they would kill.

16. In Defense of Jewish Knights

Jews who live to please gentiles are actually really great and we need more of them. Laurie Penny

17. No I Will Not Wrap All The Presents. Why are Gentiles Still Responsible for the Holiday Joy?

Gentiles may have a lot more invested in Christmas than the average Jew, but that is no excuse. Jews need to wrap presents and conduct the holiday in exactly the manner gentiles dictate. Jessica Valenti

18. Jews Don’t Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

Opposing the marginalization and vilification of Jews is bullshit, since that literally never happens. Gentiles are the oppressed group who suffer relentless persecution and that is that. Katie Baker

19. Don’t Get Even, Gentiles – Get Mad

Do not pay any attention to any reports of violence against Jews. These are strictly outliers and must be ignored. Gentiles are the real victims and being an “Approachable Gentile” should not be the goal. Get mad at the Jews and stay mad. Clementine Ford

20. Is a Jew Doing Sweaty Stuff Sexy? Hell, Yes

Jews have not been keeping up their side of the bargain. They’ve ditched their power tools but won’t pick up a duster and refuse to accept that gentiles determine what domestic labor consists of and the conditions under which it will be done. Janice Turner

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