2 août 2015

Dudley Field Malone


Today is the 90th anniversary marking the conclusion of the Scopes Trial. In March 1925, Tennessee passed a bill that banned the teaching of evolution in classrooms throughout the state. John Scopes, a young high school teacher, agreed to stand as a defendant in a test case to challenge the law. Scopes was clearly guilty but the defense hoped that the trial would reveal the absurdity of a law which made the Bible the standard of truth for public schools. The trial lasted eight days and Scopes was found guilty but the media firestorm that developed around the case made Americans cognizant of the need to keep religion from dictating public education standards. Creationism has been challenged many times in the courts since the Scopes case (Epperson v. Arkansas 1968, Edwards v. Aguillard 1987, Kitzmiller v. Dover 2005) and there remains a ceaseless effort to insert it through Trojan Horse style “academic freedom” bills. 

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