3 mars 2016

Se rendre sur Mars en 30 minutes

Oui, c'est théoriquement possible. Voici comment:

“We could propel a 100-kilogram (220-pound) robotic craft to Mars in a few days,” Lubin said in the video, before going on to suggest other destinations we could visit. “Within about 25 light-years of the Earth there’s actually quite a few potential exoplanets and habitable things to visit – that may be habitable, we don’t know of course. So there are many targets to choose from. The closest is Alpha Centauri, which is about four light-years away.”

(...) “As an example, on the eventual upper end, a full scale DE-STAR 4 (50-70 GW) will propel a wafer scale spacecraft with a one meter laser sail to about 26 percent the speed of light in about 10 minutes, reach Mars (1 AU [astronomical unit, the Earth-Sun distance]) in 30 minutes, pass Voyager 1 in less than 3 days, pass 1,000 AU in 12 days and reach Alpha Centauri in about 15 years,” Lubin wrote.

What’s more, he says that this technology is available right now. Whereas things like warp drives remain a fantasy, direct energy propulsion is achievable with current technologies, and it is scalable, meaning larger craft could also make use of it.

“This technology is NOT science fiction. Things have changed,” said Lubin.

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