24 avril 2016

C'est comment être un homme?

Le site Thought Catalog nous offre sa liste des 39 aspects de la vie des hommes que les femmes ne comprendront jamais. Voici mes préférés:

2. How utterly socially alone we are sometimes

3. If you’re with kids, people assume you’re a pedophile

4. Men live in a world where you are constantly unwanted, rejected, and outright feared, just for existing

5. Women constantly attack us, and we’re not allowed to complain

6. As a man you have absolutely no implicit value

8. When a little boy falls down, we tell them to stop crying, get up, and go play

12. We suffer from gender stereotypes, too

13. We’re always under pressure to be successful

16. We are stressed out to the point of breaking our body or cracking our mind

20. We can be sexually harassed, too

22. Men have to prove themselves every day to someone

24. We can live our entire adult lives without receiving a single compliment from anybody

30. We do not understand hints, so you need to get to the point

32. You’re not allowed to express any emotion besides happiness or contentment

35. You just kinda feel disposable

39. Sexism goes both ways

Allez lire ça, le détour en vaut la peine.

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