28 avril 2016

Différencier la science de la pseudoscience

Comment faire?

Pour Richard Feynman, c'est simple:

It turns out, all you need to do when you read or hear something that sounds smart, is try to translate it back into ordinary language - or better yet, have the person explain it for you - without using any scientific jargon or terms, and see if it still makes sense.

"I finally figured out a way to test whether you have taught an idea or you have only taught a definition. Test it this way: You say, 'Without using the new word which you have just learned, try to rephrase what you have just learned in your own language. Without using the word 'energy', tell me what you know now about the dog's motion.' You cannot. So you learned nothing about science."

"If someone cannot explain something in plain English, then we should question whether they really do themselves understand what they profess. If the person in question is communicating ostensibly to a non-specialist audience using specialist terms out of context, the first question on our lips should be: 'Why?' In the words of Feynman, 'It is possible to follow form and call it science, but that is pseudoscience.'"

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