29 avril 2016

"Le féminisme aveugle les étudiantes"

Cette étudiante qui fréquente un collège pour femmes aux États-Unis témoigne des effets pervers de l'endoctrinement féministe:

As a student at Barnard, a women’s college in NYC, feminism pervades all aspects of the curriculum. As students, we’re awash in the pervasive narrative that women are always on the losing side of the gender wars.

This is ridiculous. At a school where acknowledging intersectionality is de rigueur, one would expect to encounter dialogue about issues that men face too.  

However, after two years here, I have never witnessed students or professors broach the topic in a positive way.

What’s more alarming is how often female peers display conspiratorial glee when they make fun of and delegitimize men’s issues.

(...) Are women so smothered by the blanket of victimhood that we can’t concede that men face issues too?

(...) When I started taking Women’s Studies classes 4 years ago, I was seduced by feminist ideology. Mentally tabulating my oppression cards became a hobby.  

Unfortunately, being steeped in feminism didn’t just make me blind to the truth about men—it made me actively resist learning about it.

(...) Men are 4 times more likely to die by suicide. As schizophrenia is arguably one of the worst mental illnesses, men are also 2-3x more likely to fall ill to it. Research tends to concur that men are anywhere from 2-15x more likely to have autism. Men also are also twice as likely to develop alcohol addiction, which is a debilitating and destructive disease that has ramifications for everyone, including women and children.

Men, especially men of color, also tend to face prison at higher rates than women. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, men constitute 93% of those locked up. Men also receive 63% longer prison sentences for comparable crimes.

Many people also say that “men are at The Top.” While it is true that many of the most powerful people are men, we must also recognize that men predominate at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder too.  62% of the homeless population is male. Men are also 9x more likely to die homeless. In my experience living in NYC, homeless males outnumber females sleeping on the streets by at least 10:1, sometimes by much more. Unfortunately, neither men’s issues nor homelessness are glamorous activist domains.

Additionally, 85% of black homicide victims are male. The last time I brought this up in a conversation, a white feminist scoffed and said “well that’s their fault,” which implied that victims of gang violence somehow deserved it. That’s similar to the victim-blaming we see with reference to rape. When men lose out, women lose out too. Many of these men are fathers, husbands, and sons. The tear in the social fabric when a community loses a man to gun violence or incarceration has devastating reverberations throughout everyone else’s life.

(...) For me personally, I’ve learned that while being a female puts me at a higher risk of facing rape and domestic violence, it also has served as a shield against street violence, homelessness, poverty,  academic failure, functional illiteracy, gun violence, and involvement in the criminal justice system. Once I took off my feminist blinders, I realized that I was fabulously privileged.

But colleges will never let students know about these issues. To mention anything that conflicts with the feminist narrative of victimhood is heretical.

(...) The failure of schools to engender an awareness of male issues in students is harmful. How can we create a truly equal society when male-specific issues aren’t just ignored, but laughed at?

L'absence d'empathie pour les hommes érigée en dogme idéologique.

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Ishang1991 a dit...

I hope more and more people are aware of this injustice. In this society, I feel like you are obligated to be on one side or the other. If you're not in agreement with one, then that means you are totally against it. Actually, my husband and I had a conversation where he asked me why sometimes I'd be defending the male gender and then sometimes, I'd defend the female, why don't I just pick a side. I just tell him that I just defend what I believe is right.

I hear so many sexist/racist/discrminating things from others around me. And for a lot of them, they've lived in such a society for so long that they don't even realize the meaning behind what they are saying or thinking. We just have to challenge their ideas and biased views. Hopefully, little by little, they will start seeing. :/

Prof Solitaire a dit...

Je ne crois pas qu'il faut être "du côté des hommes" ou "du côté des femmes"... on peut tout simplement être du côté de la JUSTICE et de l'équité. Merci de ton commentaire ma chère, je suis d'accord avec toi! :-)