28 avril 2016

Une neuvième planète?

Y a-t-il une neuvième planète?

The hypothesized planet may be too far out for our current telescopes to see, but is proposed to have an elongated orbit that would at times bring it close enough to the Sun to disturb any comets and dwarf planets it encountered. Brown argued that patterns in the orbits of some of the outer Solar System inhabitants indicate they have all been herded into place by something with a mass similar to that of Neptune.

The latest addition to Brown's case is the announcement at a SETI colloquium of a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), something orbiting between 30 and 50 AUs (astronomical units), one AU being Earth's distance from the Sun. The object, Brown tweeted, “Is exactly where Planet Nine says it should be.”

(...) Brown and Batygin previously claimed that six KBOs with eccentric orbits all make their closest approach to the Sun on the same side, in the same orbital plane and at similar distances, despite quite different orbital lengths. This, they argued, was either a staggeringly unlikely coincidence, or the sign of a larger object doing some gravitational shepherding.

Pour une autre théorie intéressante à propos de cette hypothétique planète et ces impacts pour la nôtre, cliquez ici. Ou ici.

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