7 août 2016

Les origines du christianisme

Ce documentaire nous offre une hypothèse très, très intéressante. Je ne suis pas entièrement convaincu, je pense qu'il y a des failles dans la théorie, mais elle demeure fort intéressante.

Quelques citations:

(4:24) "In all of this, we're dealing with litterature, we're not dealing with history. So the answer is: No, there is no history to this character, Jesus. It's entirely a litterary creation."

(6:38) "Christianity had been invented by a little known family of Roman Caesars; the Flavians. And they left us documents to prove it."

(14:10) "They also capture a Jewish rebel (...) Josephus Bar Mathias (...) became a turncoat and worked with the Flavians against the rebellion."

(18:25) "The Romans needed to subdue the Jews' religion so they set about influencing it and changing it."

(25:15) "The theological structure in the Gospels of God the father and the son of God is the same one that Titus would have been presenting to the Roman senate."

(26:50) "Where the Vatican now stands, there was once a Pagan temple which celebrated the mysteries of a dying and resurrected God man who wasn't Jesus. There are many churches in Rome (...) where you go above into the church and there is Jesus. And you go underneath, and there,s a little sanctuary of Mithras. And it's basically the same thing."

(34:40) "If we look closely, there are actually clues in the Gospels that point to who the true authors were."

(35:34) "The perception of Roman characters in the Gospels, they're all interpreted in a favorable light. They are pro-Roman. They do not depict the Romans as the forces of evil, they reverse that. It's the Jews who become the forces of darkness."

(43:00) "It seems that in the literary construction of the literary character Jesus Christ, the Roman authors borrowed religious concepts not only from Judaism, but also from other gods and religions that they knew."

(49:14) "And all the tradition about the Romans trying to torture and suppress Christians, these traditions are correct. They definitely persecuted the messianic militaristic Christians, and they certainly would have frowned on the gnostic independant thinking Christians, but the Roman pacifistic (...) Christians, that group would have been promoted."

(50:12) "The Flavians wrote passages directly into the Gospels which show that they were the authors."

(52:25) "The Flavian saints"

(57:10) "Hebraic Typology"

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