19 septembre 2016

L'éducation selon Asimov

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Hans Georg Lundahl a dit...

In certain obvious ways "education" is indeed something one can finish.

In normal society, that is.

But perhaps Asimov was involved in the kind of secret societies who impose lifelong learning and lifelong reeducation on its members in a very realistic way.

Too bad for him, then.

I prefer normal societty in which an apprentice can become a master, in which a university student can become a writer, without asking extra permissions from invisible and intangible authorities of the secret societies. Not to mention, a child in the house can be his own after moving from home and being 18 or married whichever comes first.

Hans Georg Lundahl a dit...

Comme vous êtes Québecquois, j'imagine que l'anglais ne vous pose pas de problème.

C'est pas la langue du blog, mais bien de la citation.