26 décembre 2016

Faire sauter l'Étoile noire

Faire sauter l'Étoile noire était-il une bonne idée?

Pas selon l'analyse de cet économiste:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a bunch of rebels blew up a giant space station and set the course for one of the biggest, most successful movie franchises of all time.

But what if they got it wrong?

Those noble rebels were fighting a tyrannical emperor and a psychotic Jedi drawn to the dark side. Blowing up the Death Star was supposed to knock the Empire on its heels and change the fate of millions across the galaxies. But what if it actually made their miserable lives even worse?

"It would have been a complete disaster," says Zachary Feinstein from Washington University in St. Louis. "This would have been worse than the great depression. It would have been beyond anything that we've ever seen on Earth."

(...) A disaster that's made readily clear in last year's instalment of the Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens.

"And really, we see this in Episode VII, on [the planet] Jakku; they're just scavengers on fallen spaceships."

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fylouz a dit...

Jakku est un monde de la périphérie de la galaxie. Sous le régime impérial, Tattooine n'était pas mieux lotie. Et puis franchement, quelle question stupide ! Le régime impérial était un régime fasciste dans lequel personne n'était en sécurité, même pas ceux proches du pouvoir.