18 février 2017

Hatzegopteryx: un ptérosaure colossal

Ce ptérosaure était si gigantesque qu'il aurait pu bouffer un cheval! Extraits de l'article:

A pair of researchers in the U.K. has identified fossils found in the Transylvania area in Romania as those of a pterosaur they have named Hatzegopteryx—a giant, muscle-bound flying reptile that could eat prey as large as a small horse. 

(...) Hatzegopteryx is quite different, though, the researchers point out, having a short, thick neck with extremely wide bones and a spongy filling which added even more strength. It also had a much wider mouth than others in the pterosaur family, allowing it to take down and swallow much larger prey. The fossils found thus far suggest that the creature was likely stocky in general with strong wing, and back and leg muscles possibly weighing as much as a quarter-ton.

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