5 mars 2017

Elles se vantent d'avoir agressé leur conjoint

Une page FB dédiée aux femmes abusives qui se vantent d'avoir agressé leurs conjoints.

Ça ne s'invente pas.

Extraits de l'article:

This is the secret Facebook group where women brag about the various ways they have physically abused their partners.

Graphic screenshots from the Bad Girls Advice Facebook page emerged on Thursday when a domestic violence support group publicly shared them.

The posts show women discussing domestic violence situations in detail after one member asked the other women what the most violent act committed against their partner was.

'In a mad ass rage at my partner. Just want to punch him in the c*ck and stab him in the leg with a fork. Bad b****es, I want to know what is the craziest thing you've done in a fit of rage?' one woman posted on Friday.

The post garnered hundreds of likes and prompted a colourful discussion about domestic violence.

'Threw a chair at him through a glass door. Door smashed and cut him the f*** up. Needless to say he didn't smart mouth me again,' one said. 

The post and the ensuing comments were shared with all 173 thousand members of Bad Girls Advice.  
'Stabbed with a fork, reversed over him in a car, threw him out of the car, punched him in the nose, threw bowls, remotes or whatever at his head,' another said.

One woman admitted to hitting her partner with her car 'all because it was Halloween and I felt bad that I didn't buy lollies for the kids'.

Another member also admitted to ramming her partner with a car.

'Hit him with my car then made him pay for the damage,' she said.

Her comment was praised by other members who claimed it was their 'favourite'.

Another member said she made an expensive mistake when she decided to throw a laptop at a man's head.

'(I) didn't realise it wasn't his and had to replace the f***ing piece of sh**,' she said.
'It was worth it.'

One contributor maintained what she did was 'funny'.

'Stabbed them in the c*** with a metal nail file sh** it was funny,' she said.

'Bit him on the back of his neck until I heard crunch and felt blood. Still has the scar lol,' another said.

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