31 mars 2017


La matière peut être soit solide, liquide, gazeuse ou à l'état plasma.

Existe-t-il un autre état?

Ben oui! Extrait de la renversante nouvelle:

Solid, liquid or gas — we encounter these three classic states of matter every day. It is difficult to imagine that substances could simultaneously exhibit properties of two of these states.

Yet, precisely such a phenomenon is possible in the realm of quantum physics, where matter can display behaviors that seem mutually exclusive. Supersolidity is one example of such an exotic state.

In a supersolid, atoms are arranged in a crystalline pattern while at the same time behaving like a superfluid, in which particles move without friction.

Until now, supersolidity was merely a theoretical construct.

But in the Mar. 2 issue of the journal Nature, two teams of researchers report the successful production of a supersolid state.

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Étienne a dit...

apres l'état gazeux il y a le plasma,

Prof Solitaire a dit...

Ben oui, merci, j'ai corrigé...