8 avril 2017

La théorie de "Tout"

La théorie des cordes pourrait-elle mener à la théorie de "Tout"?

C'est possible, selon cet article:

(...) String theory stitches Einstein's conception of the general theory of relativity together with quantum mechanics, and the result is quantum theory applied to gravity.

This application allows us to break down the Universe beyond the subatomic particle level into vibrating strings whose interactions and vibrations make up the Universe.

In other words, all matter is made up of atoms, and all atoms are composed of electrons, neutrons, and protons - and these can be broken down further into quarks.

Quarks are made up of these dynamic strings, whose motions in space are the key to understanding the Universe, explained Michio Kaku, a physicist at the City College of New York.

(...) In an interview with Big Think, Kaku explained string theory this way: the standard model for physics, including the Higgs Boson, represents the lowest octave of a vibrating string.

Dark matter, which makes up around 23 percent of the Universe, is the next vibration up.

Dark energy happens when the symmetries of the super string are broken, and it comprises about 68 percent of the Universe.

So, according to string theory, each vibrating string corresponds to a different particle, and there are almost certainly more dimensions to the Universe than the four we once thought represented everything.

String theory is unique at this time because, as Kaku pointed out, it is the only game in town that truly has the potential to be a Theory of Everything.

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