23 avril 2017

"Les hommes devraient rester loin de l'enseignement."

C'est ce que dit Kato Harris, un enseignant faussement accusé de viol.

Extraits de la nouvelle:

A geography teacher cleared of raping a pupil has warned that men should steer clear of the profession, after a false allegation shattered his dream career.

Kato Harris, a former head of department at an all-girls school in London, was accused of attacking a 14-year-old three times in a classroom during lunch breaks in autumn 2013, but was found not guilty after a trial last year.

The 38-year-old said before his ordeal began, "life was like a wonderful dream", and with a successful career and a child also on the way he was "looking forward to a great future".

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, he has disclosed that "one of the biggest challenges" he now faces is forgiving his accuser, something he said he will do, "just not now".

He told the newspaper: "I would certainly advocate that no man qualify as a teacher. It is just not worth it. What is the lesson here? There is nothing to protect the male teacher."

A jury found Mr Harris, from Richmond, not guilty of all charges following his trial at Isleworth Crown Court.

"I had to give up my dream job because of a crime I didn't commit," he said.

"I am unemployed, living in a bedsit and will soon be on housing benefit. I am toxic."

Mr Harris, who saidhe is now considering a job in a crematorium, added: "If I knew on the day I qualified what I know now, I would never have become a teacher.

"I will never work with children again. I will never put myself in that position of vulnerability."

The accusations emerged in December 2014, and Mr Harris said he was in "total shock" when police arrested him.

He told the newspaper he had made the decision to kill himself if he was charged, but that with the arrival of a baby daughter he wanted to carry on and prove his innocence.

Mr Harris added: "I've looked into the abyss. But every day I wake up and I'm a daddy and not in prison, and that's the best thing that I could have hoped for."

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fylouz a dit...


"his local Anglican church turned him away simply because he was awaiting trial. He says a priest told him: ‘We’ve had a meeting and we’ve decided you’re not permitted on the premises."

"Mr Harris is convinced the case would have been dropped but for the deep pockets of the girl’s parents, who hired the services of both Alison Levitt, the former principal legal adviser to the head of the CPS, and Sue Akers, an ex-Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner.

Their job was to keep the detectives on their toes. By all accounts, they succeeded.

Later, in a damning assessment, the judge said that despite the paucity of evidence, Levitt and Akers put ‘enormous pressure’ on the police and the CPS to prosecute Mr Harris."

"Following his trial last July, Mr Harris ‘couldn’t wait’ to return to St George’s ‘with my head held high’.

But during his long ordeal, the headmistress, who had given him unequivocal support, moved on and the school’s attitude towards him then seemed to change.

Despite being given the green light by social services to continue teaching, a number of parents complained about his proposed return. The school sided with the parents – who pay annual fees of £33,000. Mr Harris has now apparently been forced out but says that he is unable to talk about his departure beyond confirming: ‘I did not resign.’

The school refused to respond to a series of questions from The Mail on Sunday, with headmistress Elizabeth Hewer saying only: ‘Mr Harris decided not to return to teaching and left St George’s in November."

"The accuser’s name registered with him and he could just about picture her. But he had never taught her and he could not recall if they had ever spoken."

"The school he attended and first taught at, Alleyn’s School, in South London, banned him from the grounds when he was charged. The headmaster, Gary Savage, also lobbied the Edward Alleyn Club, which runs a cricket team that Mr Harris captained, to ban him, as the side plays on separate land leased from the school.

In the end, the cricket team’s committee reached an agreement with the Edward Alleyn Club so that he could play, but only under a bizarre set of conditions.

‘I was given humiliating special conditions under which I was allowed to play at the club,’ he says. ‘I had to be accompanied to the toilet. When not playing, I had to sit in my car – tea would be brought to me there. At the end, I had to be escorted off the premises."

Prof Solitaire a dit...

C'est dégueulasse...

Et c'est pour cette raison qu'il est primordial que les gens qui échafaudent de fausses accusations soient poursuivis en justice et qu'il dédommagent celui à qui tant de dommages ont été faits.

Merci pour les détails additionnels...