13 mai 2017

Le voyage temporel est théoriquement possible

C'est ce qu'affirme une nouvelle étude:

(...) However, a new study in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity has highlighted, once again, that it’s certainly mathematically possible.

(...) Well, as has been suggested before, time machines will need to be able to warp the fabric of spacetime itself. In this sense, it’s best to think of spacetime as a unifying point for all three physical dimensions (width, height, depth) and time.

Time only appears to go forwards to us thanks to a quirk of the decidedly pesky second law of thermodynamics. However, the warping of spacetime does appear to do some rather curious things to time. If you place a huge mass on it, it forms a huge gravitational well, and time does slow down considerably within this well.

(...) As spacetime can be described entirely mathematically, this means that this type of TARDIS is entirely possible. For it to happen in real life, however, the researchers note that we’d need some extremely “exotic” materials, as of yet undiscovered or unforged.

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