20 juillet 2017

Arrêtez de passer à l'anglais à Montréal!

Ce n'est pas moi qui le dit, mais cette Montréalaise anglophone:

(...) I then moved to Rosemont - Petite-Patrie in the September of 2012, another prominently French speaking sector of Montreal and frequently spend a lot of time in the Plateau and Outremont. At the beginning all seemed as I suspected being welcomed and spoke to prominently in French and only being spoke English to by close friends who wished to practice. But lately I am not getting greeted by the regular "Bonjour - Hi" or just simply "Bonjour", but just directly in English!

Now you're probably wondering why this is driving me crazy. Being an anglophone by birth, why am I not embracing this facility? Well because weirdly I feel insulted. Yes that is right insulted! Why you may ask? Well it is simply because I took the time and effort to learn and speak French. Also I feel that there is nothing more important as an immigrant than embracing your current countries culture and making all possible efforts to integrate. So yes I am actually saddened that the French language is being almost lost.

(...) Quebec please don't lose your history, your charm and culture and if I make an effort to speak French to you please speak back to me in French too. Merci.

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